Virtual Tours of Innerpeffray Library

In order to keep visitors and staff safe and healthy we have been obliged to close our doors for the time being. When Lord Madertie founded the library he stated that it should be ‘for the benefit of all’ and the collection has been available to visitors for 340 years. To keep alive the Founder’s aim and some degree of continuity of access we have decided to create an occasional series of virtual tours of the library. New tours will be added as time and resources permit.

Each of the available tours is listed below. To view a tour simply click on the picture beside the description to be linked to the video.

Man’s Best Friend: The Dog

Dogs have been companion to man for centuries: in this Tour we look at what some of the early books have to say on raising and housing hunting hounds.  Explore different types from shepherd dog to lapdogs, as well as bringing the breeds up to date with the retriever. Click on the picture to view the tour.

A Garden and A Library

One of the most popular subjects in our collection at Innerpeffray is Gardening – this tour again blends some local history with a look at the books. Browse through early gardening books, including The Scots Gardner, Scotland’s first gardening book, published in 1683, imagine the lost garden of Innerpeffray Castle, and see the amazing Drummond Castle Gardens nearby through the diary kept by the Head Gardener there from 1890. Join the Keeper for a glimpse inside some of these treasures.

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The Royal and Ancient game of Golf is one of Scotland’s most popular sports – but how did it all begin? Books at Innerpeffray record the advent of golf to Crieff which arrived in the town even before the creation of the nearby prestigious golfing venue of Gleneagles. The tour also explores the historical context and many anecdotes about the development of the sport, and will appeal to golfers and non-golfers alike. Click on the golfer picture to view the tour. (We’ve loaded a new version with the volume increased, thanks for the feedback. This tour now includes closed captions.)

The tours now all include closed captions.


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