Innerpeffray Lecture – Medical Gold

Medical Gold- From ancient Egypt to the Nobel Prize

From earliest times man has linked the lustre of gold with the warm, life giving light of the sun. This lecture illustrates four thousand years of the history of gold in medicine. The ancient Egyptians used it for its magic-religious properties. Mediaeval alchemists strived to produce it as a source of eternal youth. Today it is a substance used in medical instrumentation, investigation and cutting edge therapies. This lecture illustrates how artists such as Rogier Van Der Weyden, and Gustav Klimt, as well as numerous goldsmiths and instrument makers, have defined medicine’s relationship with the most coveted of all the elements.

photograph of James Grant

The Innerpeffray Lecture for 2020/21 will be given by Dr James Grant MBE, former trustee of Innerpeffray, retired doctor and accredited lecturer for the Arts Society.  Jim is passionate about medicine and art, and is a booklover and collector. 

The lecture will be delivered online on Thursday 25th February at 7pm, and tickets, priced £12 are available in the shop or call 01764 652819.  We hope you can join us.