Booking Your Visit

All ticketed events are booked by purchasing a ticket in our on-line Shop. For the time being all other visits to the library need to be booked in advance to enable us to manage entry in accordance with Covid regulations. Please use this page to book your visit if you can. However, if you find this cumbersome or just a plain nuisance feel free to call us on 01764 652819 when a real person will happily make the booking for you, or if it is more convenient send an email to

Christmas Fayre 13th – 14th November

Entry to the Christmas Fayre is free. Spaces are limited to allow for safely distanced shopping. Two people from the same household can book one slot, if there are more than two of you from the same household, please book a slot for every two people, this allows us to keep numbers controlled. If you come with someone from another household, please book a slot each person. Each slot is 30 minutes long: we hope this will be ample time for browsing. Do call if you have any questions.

The calendar works by month, so to make a booking first choose November as the month (using the next or previous buttons) if it is not automatically displayed. Select Christmas Fayre Visit from the drop down list of types of visit €€(where it says Please select …). There are 12 slots available on each day, each represented by a green dot. Click on the day you wish to come and a list of available half hour slots will be shown. Click on the time you want and then enter your name and contact details in the following screen. Click on Book and that’s it. If there are more than two people coming or if two people from different houoseholds are coming together you will need to repeat the process to make additional bookings.

If the calendar doesn’t seem to work or if anything should cause you to change or cancel a booking please do this by contacting the library directly by telephone 01764 652819. Thank you for booking and we look forward to welcoming you to Innerpeffray.

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When you arrive

For all visits:

We have a temporary waiting room area in a gazebo at the entrance. You will be greeted by one of our volunteers and asked to wash or sanitise your hands before you enter. All our volunteers will be wearing face shields/visors and you will be asked to wear a face mask unless you are exempt from doing so. Disposable face coverings will be available free of charge for visitors. We will gather your contact details for Test and Protect, which is part of the Scottish Government’s guidance.

Lara Haggerty, Keeper of Books and the Governors and Volunteer Team at Innerpeffray

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